Internship Program

For those who are interested in volunteering at Casa Shalom for an extended period of time, we suggest the Casa Shalom Internship Program. A limited number of interns are accepted each year and get valuable hands-on, in-depth experience living and working alongside Casa Shalom’s children and staff. 

Interns perform a variety of different jobs and help to fill some of the needed roles at the orphanage. While some of the current job needs are listed below, additional roles and schedules can always be created taking into account an intern's specific skills and talent base. If you feel that God is calling  you to an extended stay at Casa Shalom, and you have a strong desire to experience life on the mission field first-hand, please check out the Internship Program Information Packet and Application Form. 

Internship Program Information Packet

Internship Program Application


Current roles needed:

Clinic Assistant: Assist in clinic and onsite pharmacy, helping to implement protocols for tracking growth, vitamin and medication distribution for all children at Casa Shalom. Be available to assist with any onsite medical treatment/first aid. 

Assistant Sponsorship Coordinator: Help form the connection between our Spanish speaking kids and their English speaking sponsors through scheduled letter writing with the kids, translation of letters between Spanish/English as well as any necessary computer work and office filing needed throughout the process. 

Tutor/Teaching Assistant: Lead one-on-one and small group classes with the Shalom kids who are not legally able to attend school and help close the academic gaps of our school attending kids. 

Activities Coordinator: Plan games, crafts and mini lessons for the various aged kids that do not attend school in the afternoons in order to encourage creativity, teamwork and critical thinking. 

Speech/Occupational Therapist (studies or experience required): Practice one-on-one therapy to help fill in speech and developmental deficiencies, ultimately increasing communication and future developmental success of the kids.